Expert Finance Adviser

Meet Rachel James BBS NZCFS

 Rachel has over 28 years of experience across finance, banking, IT and business consulting. She uses that knowledge and her passion for all things housing to provide finance solutions to best fit your circumstances.

She's also a qualified accountant who understands how important it is to find the best lending to fit your budget. Rachel will happily use her skills to negotiate the best and most affordable deal on the market.

Rachel's aim is for you to purchase your dream home through realistic structuring of your finances and securing you the best finance deal. She'll be there for you now and in the future as your circumstances change.

* Free of charge for services associated with the provision of mortgages

Staying in Touch

We'll stay in touch and continue to structure you for financial success.

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Lending Options
and Offers

I'll negotiate the best available deal for you and we'll talk about the best structure to suit your plans. 

Welcome Home!

Planning and 

I'll crunch your numbers and identify the best ways for you to achieve your plans and goals. 

We'll make a plan and I'll go to bat for you with the Banks and Financial Institutes to get you there.

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Analyse and Assess
Current Position

We can meet in person or virtually to discuss your needs.
I'll provide you with my Disclosure Statement and request that you complete an application form and sign a Client Declaration.